Derivative of kanamycin A or B for use when preparing 1-N- [omega-amino-alpha-hydroxyalkanoyl]kanamycin A or B

Mobilkran til haandtering af patienter


A mobile crane for lifting and transport of patients consists of a running frame 4 with a crane column 10 and a crane arm 14 projecting from it above the running frame, having the necessary supporting equipment and being supported by a lifting and lowering mechanism 16. The running frame comprises a cross member 8, which supports the crane column 10, and which has projecting floor support members 6 at its ends, which can swivel horizontally between parallel forward-projecting positions in which the crane can pass through a door opening, for example, and positions outwardly swivelled from each other, in which the crane is more securely supported. It is customary to swing the support members 6 out and in by using an operating handle, although this has certain operational inconveniences. In the invention, instead, use is made of a battery-operated electric motor 34, which can be activated in self-locking manner from a small portable control box 18, so that the operator can support the patient with both hands even when the floor support members 6 are being swung inward and outward. <IMAGE>




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