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US-9254952-B2: Package with enlarged base patent, US-9255808-B2: Route planning system and method for minimizing exposure to threats patent, US-9255814-B2: Systems and methods for transitioning between pedometer modes patent, US-9257001-B2: Integrated gaming and services system and method patent, US-9257514-B2: Semiconductor device with plural electrodes formed on substrate patent, US-9257561-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9262046-B2: Adaptation of gaming applications to participants patent, US-9262130-B2: Code validation using content assist patent, US-9262149-B2: Managing incrementally applied system updates patent, US-9264207-B2: Control channel signaling using code points for indicating the scheduling mode patent, US-5586073-A: Semiconductor device having a multi-layer channel structure patent, US-9265083-B2: System and method for radio link recovery patent, US-9267066-B2: Refrigerants containing (E)-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobut-2-ene patent, US-9268041-B2: Radiographic image detection device, radiographic image detection method, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-9268702-B2: Storage I/O path partitioning to eliminate I/O interference in consolidated servers patent, US-9268835-B2: Data replication framework patent, US-9269247-B2: Programmable security system and method for protecting merchandise patent, US-9270224-B2: Photovoltaic roofing elements and photovoltaic roofing systems patent, US-9271949-B2: Compositions comprising acidic extracts of mastic gum patent, US-9275698-B2: Memory system and method using stacked memory device dice, and system using the memory system patent, US-9278677-B2: System and method for controlling respective braking pressures at wheels on a vehicle patent, US-9279951-B2: Fiber optic module for limited space applications having a partially sealed module sub-assembly patent, US-9280583-B2: Scalable multi-query optimization for SPARQL patent, US-9282678-B2: Field-replaceable bank of immersion-cooled electronic components and separable heat sinks patent, US-9283013-B2: Filling systems for bone delivery devices patent, US-9283561-B2: Liquid channel device and production method therefor patent, US-9285131-B2: Venting and cooling system for a house patent, US-9288196-B2: Identity verification via selection of sensible output from recorded digital data patent, US-9290372-B2: Fluid distributor unit patent, US-9294386-B2: Apparatus and computer program product for handling network packets using a pipeline of elements patent, US-9295765-B2: Surgical fluidics cassette supporting multiple pumps patent, US-9296796-B2: Staphylococcus aureus proteins and nucleic acids patent, US-9301902-B2: Expandable container for preparation of a nutritional composition patent, US-9303172-B2: Spreadable ink composition and method of predicting whether ink composition will have acceptable spreading performance patent, US-9303624-B2: Fluid flow energy converter patent, US-9306471-B2: Micro inverter of solar power system and method of operating the same patent, US-9306825-B2: Providing a witness service patent, US-9306956-B2: File system level data protection during potential security breach patent, US-9307542-B2: Antenna port mapping for demodulation reference signals patent, US-9309900-B2: Electro-hydraulic servo valve patent, US-9310384-B2: Feline bitter taste receptors and methods patent, US-9312064-B1: Method to fabricate a magnetic head including ion milling of read gap using dual layer hard mask patent, US-9314234-B2: Pre-tied surgical knots for use with suture passers patent, US-9315853-B2: Modification of DNA on magnetic beads patent, US-9317850-B2: Method and system for processing PIN debit transactions patent, US-9320446-B2: Bioelectric sensor device and methods patent, US-9320662-B2: Patient support apparatus with in-room device communication patent, US-9321847-B2: Activatable toxin complexes comprising a cleavable inhibitory peptide patent, US-9325095-B2: Female type contact for an electrical connector patent, US-9325990-B2: Temporal motion vector prediction in video coding extensions patent, US-9326283-B2: Reference signal configuration for extension carriers and carrier segments patent, US-9329875-B2: Global entry point and local entry point for callee function patent, US-9330270-B2: Encryption processing device and authentication method patent, US-9332274-B2: Spatially scalable video coding patent, US-9332638-B2: Wiring board and method for manufacturing wiring board patent, US-9334083-B2: Cargo support using wood polymer/plastic composite material patent, US-9334147-B2: Vial breaker patent, US-9334331-B2: Bispecific antibodies patent, US-9335236-B2: Device for sampling dust or solid particles in particular for the detection of explosives patent, US-9335827-B2: Gesture input systems and methods using 2D sensors patent, US-9340912-B2: Method for stitching vehicle interior components and components formed from the method patent, US-9341954-B2: Optical unit, illumination optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method patent, US-9343440-B2: Stacked composite device including a group III-V transistor and a group IV vertical transistor patent, US-9343781-B2: Adaptive current-collector electrochemical system patent, US-9344574-B2: System and method for delivery of voicemails to handheld devices patent, US-9345385-B2: Subject observation apparatus and subject observation method patent, US-9345446-B2: Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method patent, US-9348023-B2: Radar apparatus and signal processing method patent, US-9349914-B2: Light emitting device and light emitting device package patent, US-9350999-B2: Methods and systems for processing latticed time-skewed video streams patent, US-9352897-B2: Squeezable container patent, US-9353336-B2: Intercalated bleach compositions, related methods of manufacture and use patent, US-9354356-B2: Polymer film, and optically-compensatory film, polarizer and liquid-crystal display device comprising the same patent, US-9354783-B2: Method for representing animated menu buttons patent, US-9355701-B2: Nonvolatile memory device and data write method patent, US-9357426-B2: Method and apparatus for avoiding interference patent, US-9358802-B2: Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, flow passage member, and method of controlling liquid ejecting head patent, US-9358911-B2: Controllable comfort shell for vehicle seat patent, US-9363073-B2: Cryptographic countermeasure method by deriving a secret data patent, US-9363504-B2: Apparatus and method for displaying 3-dimensional image patent, US-9363899-B2: Inkjet system for printing a printed circuit board patent, US-9364076-B2: Toothbrush holder apparatus patent, US-9364447-B2: Compositions for treating or preventing cardiovascular disease patent, US-9364625-B2: Wireless ventilator reporting patent, US-9366582-B2: Combination isolation valve and check valve with integral flow rate, pressure, and/or temperature measurement patent, US-9366697-B2: Micromachined on-wafer probes and related method patent, US-9367047-B2: Wire electric discharge machine performing turning tool machining, turning tool machining method with wire electric discharge machine, and program creation apparatus for wire electric discharge machine that performs turning tool machining patent, US-9369760-B2: Wireless hands-free computing head mounted video eyewear for local/remote diagnosis and repair patent, US-9369903-B2: System and method for multiplexing on an LTE uplink control channel patent, US-9371675-B2: Rotary damper and hinge device with damper patent, US-9372590-B2: Magnifier panning interface for natural input devices patent, US-9372724-B2: System and method for conditional task switching during ordering scope transitions patent, US-9372876-B2: Metadata driven reporting and editing of databases patent, US-9374975-B2: System and method of attaching cups to a dairy animal patent, US-9376718-B2: Method and apparatus for generating thermal melting curves in a microfluidic device patent, US-5599225-A: Twisted stem abrading tool patent, US-9377028-B2: Tensioning device extending beyond component patent, US-9378001-B2: Matching program sections through feature extraction patent, US-9378149-B1: Method and system for tracking modification times of data in a storage system patent, US-9379203-B2: Ultra-fast breakover diode patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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