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US-2018030193-A1: Renewable source-derived polymer oil macroinitiators and thermoplastic block copolymers derived therefrom patent, US-2015155086-A1: Electronic circuit device patent, US-2015178491-A1: Portable electronic device patent, US-2015211843-A1: Method for positioning a light-shaping body patent, US-2015241195-A1: Capacitive sensing node integration to a surface of a mechanical part patent, US-2015322607-A1: Process for producing stretch nonwoven fabric, and stretch nonwoven fabric patent, US-2015352136-A1: Novel aminoglycosides and uses thereof in the treatment of genetic disorders patent, US-2015364549-A1: Semiconductor device with silicon carbide embedded dummy pattern patent, US-2015366452-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program patent, US-2016092640-A1: System and method to monitor inventory of storage container patent, US-2017223534-A1: Systems and Methods for Authentication patent, US-2017223771-A1: Methods, base station system, radio unit and radio head of a wireless communication network, for increasing signal quality of signals sent from the radio head to the radio unit patent, US-2017359798-A1: Coordinated Notifications patent, US-2015086608-A1: Matrix and device and use thereof for optically-controlled release of chemicals patent, US-2015086778-A1: Gas-barrier film and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2015104607-A1: Custom skin patent, US-2015119704-A1: Nuclear medicine tomography systems, detectors and methods patent, US-2015139252-A1: Data serializer patent, US-2015216981-A1: Stabilized Pharmaceutical Formulations of Insulin Analogues and/or Insulin Derivatives patent, US-2015226488-A1: Multi resoultion, hierarchical radiance field estimation patent, US-2015352202-A1: Broadly reactive mosaic peptide for influenza vaccine patent, US-2016163873-A1: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-2017034060-A1: Application Timeout Aware TCP Loss Recovery patent, US-2017062200-A1: Electrode for a short-arc high pressure lamp patent, US-5525482-A: Method and cell line for testing cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of a chemical patent, US-2017141097-A1: TVS Structures for High Surge AND Low Capacitance patent, US-2015112492-A1: System and method for controlling a valve patent, US-2015124882-A1: Bit depth variable for high precision data in weighted prediction syntax and semantics patent, US-2015249063-A1: Wire-bonding apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2015289439-A1: Precision super seeder patent, US-2015289636-A1: Hygienic nail brush patent, US-2015313435-A1: Mobile floor cleaner with cleaning solution generator patent, US-2015360305-A1: Power Equipment with Inertia Based Measurement and Guidance patent, US-2016022885-A1: Negative pressure wound closure device and systems and methods of use in treating wounds with negative pressure patent, US-2016125235-A1: Image segmentation method and image segmentation device patent, US-2016280597-A1: Setting accelerator for a dry mortar blend, process for producing such a setting accelerator, a dry mortar blend and a mortar paste patent, US-2016291007-A1: Polynucleotide conjugates and methods for analyte detection patent, US-2016381728-A1: Wireless access management techniques for wirelessly-accessible devices patent, US-2017192525-A1: Imagined Grid Fingertip Input Editor on Wearable Device patent, US-2016026020-A1: System for display images patent, US-2016137050-A1: Hybrid vehicle patent, US-2016176722-A1: Method of magnetite and ferrite nanoparticle synthesis patent, US-2017160256-A1: Carbon quantifying apparatus and method patent, US-2015285251-A1: Pump patent, US-2015317986-A1: Processing of Audio Signals During High Frequency Reconstruction patent, US-2016041317-A1: Display device patent, US-2016077718-A1: Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent, US-2016080917-A1: Method and apparatus for content presentation in association with a telephone call patent, US-2016106093-A1: Antibacterial cryogel and porous hydrogel, their preparation method, and their use for disinfecting water patent, US-2016261500-A1: Method and apparatus for load balancing in network switches patent, US-2016344464-A1: Scheduling method and apparatus for beamforming in a mobile communication system patent, US-2017018400-A1: Semiconductor plasma antenna apparatus patent, US-2015203810-A1: Materials and methods for processing cell populations patent, US-2015213944-A1: Reactor patent, US-2015357724-A1: Terminal, A Wire Connecting Structure and A Method of Manufacturing the Terminal patent, US-2016377003-A1: Evaporated fuel processing apparatus patent, US-2017011191-A1: Portable device communicating with patient monitoring device patent, US-2017323666-A1: Integrated cooling in automated tape libraries patent, US-2015088534-A1: Method for selecting a clinical treatment plan tailored to patient defined health goals patent, US-2015219146-A1: Wheel suspension bearing, wheel suspension bearing assembly and motor vehicle patent, US-2015252694-A1: Compression relief brake reset mechanism patent, US-2015289406-A1: High-density, fail-in-place switches for computer and data networks patent, US-2016258910-A1: Standard Analyte Generator patent, US-2017071228-A1: Arrangement introduced in machine for vending ice creams and others patent, US-2017083932-A1: Methods and apparatus for implementing a promotional reward program patent, US-2015121122-A1: Visualizing Disaster Recovery Plan Execution for the Cloud patent, US-2015285405-A1: Aftercooler pipe support assembly patent, US-2016003012-A1: Device and method for removing a material welling out from the sea bed patent, US-2016150410-A1: Securely Accessing Secure Elements patent, US-2016175982-A1: In-situ interlocking of metals using additive friction stir processing patent, US-2015210769-A1: Antibody molecules to pd-1 and uses thereof patent, US-2017216695-A1: Method of performing and measuring running throws patent, US-2015149270-A1: Trusted Internal Interface patent, US-2016131673-A1: Automated Filter Changer patent, US-2016169587-A1: Ribbed tubeless heat exchanger for fluid heating systems including a rib component and methods of manufacture thereof patent, US-2016173573-A1: Virtual fencing gradient to incrementally validate deployed applications directly in production cloud computing environment patent, US-2017177457-A1: Method to increase cloud availability and silicon isolation using secure enclaves patent, US-2015228522-A1: System and method for automatically correcting for rotational misalignment of wafers on film frames patent, US-2017265113-A1: Method for Cell Selection patent, US-2017070781-A1: Performance metrics for downloads of encrypted video patent, US-2015083756-A1: Dispenser pump using electrically activated material patent, US-2016366606-A1: Method, system, and apparatus of range measurement in a wireless network patent, US-2017033697-A1: Voltage peak detection circuit and detection method patent, US-2015274180-A1: Workload estimation for mobile device feature integration patent, US-2016362278-A1: Hoisting apparatus and system patent, US-2017160099-A1: Facility-information display control device, facility-information display control method, and facility-information display system patent, US-6322919-B1: Fuel cell and bipolar plate for use with same patent, US-2017079451-A1: Food trays and food presentation methods patent, US-3568746-A: Self-locking threaded fastener patent, US-2015315765-A1: Excavation system providing linkage placement training patent, US-2016166754-A1: Unitary body systems and devices and methods to use the same for retroperfusion patent, US-2016215795-A1: Jet pump for turbomachine lubrication chamber depressurization circuit patent, US-2016225928-A1: Systems and processes for bifacial collection and tandem junctions using a thin-film photovoltaic device patent, US-2016229570-A1: Unit and method for filling containing elements of single-use capsules for extraction or infusion beverages patent, US-2016250788-A1: Method for manufacturing sealing device patent, US-2016265357-A1: Method for directionally swaying and resetting harrow teeth of rolling harrow loader-excavator and rolling harrow loader-excavator with directional sway and reset harrow teeth for implementing such method patent, US-2016270896-A1: Double cross-linkage process to enhance post-implantation bioprosthetic tissue durablity patent, US-2016302142-A1: Selecting a cell of a wireless cellular communication network patent, US-2016303518-A1: Nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane containing graphene oxide or reduced graphene oxide and preparation method thereof patent, US-2016318233-A1: Elongated film manufacturing method, long polarizing film, and liquid-crystal display device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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